2500 Year’s old Mummy gets medical treatment in Hyderabad


Hyderabad Tourism: It is great to protect the Mummy at Hyderabad. The 2500 Year’s old Mummy gets medical treatment in Hyderabad. Yes, a 2,500-year-old mummy, preserved in a State Museum in Hyderabad was refurbished to look like new. Thanks to efforts by experts, the mummy that was decaying, was cleaned and remodelled to resemble the original. This is one of the six mummies that are in India. The mummy is that of an Egyptian princess, who the officials guessed died at age 25.

The scan revealed that the mummy was of a woman of about 25 years and not 16-18 years as was originally believed, with a height of 136 cm. The scans revealed that the mummy’s ribs were damaged and the spine, along with an ankle, dislocated when she was mummified. But the rest of the bones, skull and teeth were intact. The scans also revealed that there was probably a metallic amulet inside the mummy.

2500 Year's old ‪Mummy‬ in Hyderabad Museum Photos HD
Photo’s of 2500 Year’s old ‪Mummy‬ in Telangana State Hyderabad Museum

This mummy is in the museum since 1930. So the age of the Mummy is approx. 2500 years!!!! In Egypt, it is a normal case but in India, this is a wonderful thing.

The length of this mummy is 1.4 meters and it is one of the six in Indian museums and the only one in south India.

2500 Year’s old Mummy gets medical treatment in Hyderabad