4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

For the convenience of the visiting pilgrims of Krishna Pushakaram, 4G Labs launched Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 mobile app. Which provides information about location and directions to ghats, helpline, parking spaces, banks, ATMs, bus stops, hospitals and among others. The 4Glabs owned by the team of girls, they work together to create special products and services to benefits the citizens of India. The representatives of 4G Labs were Revathi Geddam, Prathyusha Palangthodkar, Chaitanya Velpula and Shashikala Kotankari.

4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

Through this app, you can get latest updates about the event across three states. The 4GLabs team said, We have developed several android applications aimed at benefiting the larger section of the society.

Highlights of Application:

* Pushkara Mantra/Pooja/History information
* Ghat locations integrated with Google Maps
* Emergency contacts (police, hospitals etc.,)
* Nearby ATMs, Hospitals, police stations, restaurants etc.,
* News about the event through notifications
* Only mobile app covering information about all the 3 states viz., Telangana, Andhra and Karnataka

Users can download from the Google play store after typing ‘4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016’. It is very useful to the visiting pilgrims of Krishna Pushakaralu from two Telugu states.

Conclusion: We congratulate the team of girls who made such a useful & light weighted application among other application in the market. We wish the team much success and all the best for the future.

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