51 Feet Akashpuri Hanuman Temple at Dhoolpet


Hanuman is the god of masses, his love for his god “Ram” makes him more unique, Hanuman is powerful, Hanuman is the strength, Hanuman gives you power and what not?
We see a lot of Hanuman idols coming up in big sizes everywhere, Hanuman as always remembered from Ramayana is projected as a Gaint character and hence most of the times people make Hanuman idols bigger than other gods or idols, not to compare but he always gets away with big idols.

T. Raja Singh (M.L.A) of Dhoolpet,Hyderabad, has constructed the “Tallest Akashpuri Hanuman Temple” of height 151 feet, which includes 51 feet Hanuman Statue and Panchamukhi Shiva Lingam at Akashpuri in Dhoolpet, Hyderabad,Telangana, India. It directly supports Hyderabad Tourism.

51 Feet Akashpuri Hanuman Temple at Dhoolpet

For Hyderabadi’s a 51 foot tall Hanuman is on the 150ft high hill at Akshpuri in Dhoolpet. Dhoolpet is always in the news for communal clashes and there is a thin line between the religious communities living in Dhoolpet and Raja Singh wants no stone unturned and using his influence to build up this huge idol and project his power, who enjoys a huge following in Old city of Hyderabad and Dhoolpet.

51 Feet Hanuman Idol at Hyderabad Images

51 Feet Akashpuri Hanuman Temple Photos HD
51 Feet Akashpuri Hanuman Temple Photos HD

Hanuman will be the most prominent figure in this year’s Shoba Yatra that is taken out from Dhoolpet to Koti Hanuman Vyayamasala, for Rama Navami. Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh said that the Hanuman statue has come up with a view to make the place a tourist spot. It took nine year’s to complete the idol.

A special video has been telecasted in TV5, Watch the video below.

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