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About Me

About Anwesh

Dear great visitors of the world, I feel glad you landed on this page. I was anwesh holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and communication engineering from REC and has previously worked at top-rated travel and news websites, (I don’t like to reveal the niche of it).
I was born on august 25th 1987 in a village mupparam, located in district Warangal nearby Mandal Dharmasagar, telangana state, India.

About Telanganatourisminfo.com

This website is launched in the year 2015, the aim is to provide information and by guiding, where to travel in Telangana and best places in the newly formed state. The purpose of the site is to help visitors, take maximum advantage of the tourism only.

telanganatourisminfo is focused in providing the best quality and most accurate tstourismnews and info to all of its beloved readers.

  • Every visitors can feel free to contact me via mail or at contact form.
  • I will respond for your questions in time and provide you the best.


Last updated on 04-Oct-2015.