Don’t Miss the Super Moon at Sanjeevaiah Park

14th Nov 2016: The Planetary Society of India (PSI) will be organising a sky view programme to observe Super Moon at Sanjeevaiah Park on November 14 from 5 pm to 7.30 pm. The programme is free and moon rises at 5.45 pm on Monday.

Moon will be closest to Earth on November 14, 2016, and it will be brightest since 1948. Moon would appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter compared to the normal full moon. The next time the moon will appear so big will be in 2034.

Why Super Moon Occur’s?

A full moon when the satellite is close to earth occurs three to five times a year. A supermoon occurs when the sun, moon and Earth align and the moon’s orbit is the closest to Earth.

N Raghunandan Kumar, director & founder-secretary of Planetary Society of India, said. We released a special poster titled “Salute: Indian Flag on Moon” in connection with the eighth anniversary of Indian Flag on Moon”.

He said in a year Moon comes 13 to 14 times close to Earth but not always it occurs on day of Full Moon. Further in a Year Super Moons occur 3 to 4 times. The year 2016 has three super moons on October 16, November 14 and December 14. However, the Super Moon on Monday is closest one until 2034. This year’s farthest apogee happened on October 31, 2016 (406,662 km), and the closest perigee comes on November 14, 2016 (356,509 km). That’s a difference of about 50,000 km.

He said Moon Impact Probe (MIP) Chandrayaan–1 India’s first mission to Moon was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation on October 22, 2008, and operated until August 2009. The mission included a lunar orbiter and an impactor called Moon Impact Probe (MIP) which landed on surface of Moon on November 14, 2008. MIP had Indian Flag embossed on its sides.

On this occasion, Planetary Society of India, with support of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is organizing a special program at Sanjeevaiah Park (Largest Indian Flag) from 5pm to 7.30pm to observe Closest Super Moon and to Salute Moon remembering Indian Flag & MIP (Chandrayaan I )

He said schools and students are invited to attend the program. For this they can visit and freely register at or call/sms 100 Govt. Schools: Further Planetary Society India as part of its “Kalam Observation Center” prog will conduct series of activities in 100 Govt. Schools of GHMC from 14 Nov – 14 Dec, 2016.

Don’t Miss the Supersized Supermoon

The moon is extra close to Earth right now, giving us the best view for decades. We hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy this awesome sight.

Sanjeevaiah Park Hyderabad

The Sanjeevaiah park is one the best greenery eco-friendly public Garden located in the heart of Hyderabad, Telangana State, India. Recently, they introduced Butterfly Garden Garden, where 50 species of butterflies were recorded. Sanjeevaiah Park which is just beside beautiful Necklace Road is perfect for a relaxed picnic with family and friends. The most popular feature of this park is the wide array of roses here. It’s rock garden and floral clock also captivate everyone. It is an ideal place for families, especially for children to play as well.

The park is Named after the former president of India, Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Park Provides a healthy, entertaining and peaceful retreat for all including morning joggers, families, nature lovers, tourists, children and even those seeking solitude in the lap of nature. Currently, the park is managed by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

Damodaram Sanjivayya Memorial
Damodaram Sanjivayya Memorial at Park.

The park covers an area of 92 acres and is situated on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake. The beautiful sight of the lake mesmerizes its visitors. Sanjeevaiah Park is considered to be the oldest and the largest park in Hyderabad. It is the perfect place for visitors to relax on the lawn and also enjoy a great family picnic. A separate walkway has been paved for visitors to enjoy strolls or jogs at the park.

  • The park hosts several events for the public occasionally like sky view programme for super moon. Events ranging from roller-skating races to social awareness campaigns.

ImportantNote: On the occasion of the second anniversary of Telangana’s formation, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao unfurled the second tallest National Flag at Sanjeevaiah Park. The flag was hoisted on a 291-foot-high pole. Though the Chief Minister wanted a 303-foot-high pole, which would have made it the tallest in the country, its height has been reduced after the Airports Authority of India denied permission for the same.

Sanjeevaiah Garden, Best Eco-Friendly Spot

The visitors can observe the large amount of Roses, Animals, Greenery. There are about 100 species of resident as well as non-resident birds with about 50 species of insects and butterflies present. There are several migratory species of birds here.

The best time to visit this park is the monsoon season when various species of fauna are seen and even the migratory birds come back to offer a spectacular view to its visitors of the park. The plants also grow in this season to blossom beautiful flowers.


Rose Garden with thousands of roses spread over 5.5 acres of lush green landscape, more than 11,500 rose plants, 650 different varieties on display.
Set yourself for a visual treat as 300 flower beds of Indian roses, Peter Frankenfeld (Colour: Rose Pink), Mother of Pearl (Colour: Apricot Blend), Gayatri (Colour: Deep Pink), Pat Shanley (Colour: ) & others.

Rose Garden at Sanjeevaiah Park.
The entrance of Rose Garden at Sanjeevaiah Park.
Rose Garden Hyderabad
Rose Garden at Sanjeevaiah Park in Hyderabad Photos HD

Awards: The park won the Best Open Landscape Award during the 2010 Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage award presentations.

Timings & Entry Fee Details (Latest Updated):

Morning Walkers Entry Fee: Rs.5/- one day per person (or) Rs.75/- monthly pass.
General Visitors Entry Fee: Rs.10/- Per person, For Children Rs.5/-, For groups above 50 Members Rs.5/- Each.

Address: Necklace Road, Hussain Sagar, Khairatabad, Hussain Sagar, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003.

Culinary policy to Promote tourism

Burra Venkatesham
Burra Venkatesham, Tourism Secretary, Telangana.

The newly formed Telangana Government is planning to come up with a ‘culinary policy to promote tourism, through cookery, festivals, and culture, according to Burra Venkatesham, Tourism Secretary, Telangana.

“Telangana will be the first state in the country to announce a culinary policy. The policy has been sent to the Chief Minister for approval and may be announced in November,”

“The policy will seek to promote Telangana through its culinary, arts, festivals and culture. We are also working on to encourage the private sector in setting up of exclusive Telangana restaurants,” he said.

Karampodi, a restaurant seeking to revive some of the age-old and forgotten home-made cuisines of Telugus, bagged the Best Restaurant in Telangana Award from the Telangana Tourism Department. The proposed policy contemplates tax incentives for these restaurants for five years. In case of the restaurants outside the state, there will be cash incentives, Mr Venkatesham said.

“We would like to see exclusive Telangana Restaurants come up all over the world,” he said, adding 99 per cent of the population of Telangana are non-vegetarian.

Burra Venkatesham and Pervaram Ramulu, Chairman, Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation, presented the award to Karampodi and launched Kakatiya Special Thali.

Pervaram Ramulu said Bathukamma Festival will seek to promote the State on the lines of what Bal Gangadhar Tilak did for Ganesh Festival. On October 8, ‘Maha Bathukamma Festival’ will be held at Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad, where 10,000 women will participate, Mr Venkatesham said.