Beeranna Swamy Bonalu 2016 Celebrated with fanfare

Beeranna Swamy Bonalu at Karimabad Pics

Warangal Culture & Festival: MLA Konda Surekha participated at Beeranna Swamy Festival. Scores of women in their traditional attire carrying ‘Bonalu’ queued up in the lanes and bylanes of Karimabad area and other localities in Warangal city. Hundreds of people thronged the place to attend to the annual `Beeranna Swamy Bonalu 2016’ festival. People in large numbers parked themselves on the buildings in the vicinity to see the ritual. You can check more information of Warangal Tourism.

Celebrations: People dance to the beats of traditional percussion in gay abandon. The women who form long queues carrying bonalu walk over the sacrificed the animal. The festival celebrated on Ekadasi mainly by the Golla Kuruma community is the second largest Bonalu festival in Telangana region after of the Mahankali Bonalu of Hyderabad.

Image of Beeranna Swamy Bonalu 2016

Beeranna Swamy Bonalu at Karimabad Pics
Beeranna Swamy Bonalu Festival at Karimabad

Traditional Dresses: Women clad in colorful sarees and young girls in traditional `langa voni’ smeared in turmeric add color to the celebrations. Potharjulu dance to the drum beats and people from all walks of life gather to enjoy the event.

Worship: Lord Siva incarnated as Beeranna, a shepherd, who desired to marry his uncle’s daughter. His uncle who was a landlord refused to give his daughter to the shepherd. But, Beeranna moved by the love of the young woman hatched a plan and took her away against the wishes of his uncle.

The shepherd community considers Beeranna as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and celebrates his courage and fearlessness. Every year, they offer prayers and celebrate Ekadasi because on this day Beeranna had married his uncle’s daughter.

Security: The police made elaborate security arrangements for the festival to avoid any untoward incident during the festival.

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