Boating Services at Nagarjunasagar Dam Started

NagarjunaSagar Dam Boating Services
NagarjunaSagar Dam Boating Services
Boating Services at Nagarjunasagar Dam by Telangana Tourism Department.

04-11-2016 Hyderabad: TS tourism which recently launched boating operations in Nagarjunasagar took tourists in two boats for the first time on Friday. Boating by tourists in Nagarjunasagar dam triggered a fresh row between TS and AP.

Boating on Nagarjuna Sagar is one such popular boating experience that is a huge draw with tourists all over. The state of Telangana is home to many such unique experiences where one can revel in the sizzling waters on a modern and comfortable cruise.

Telangana Tourism operates a regular cruise service, covering the picturesque Nagarjunasagar Dam when there is sufficient water after heavy inflows.

Telangana, Andhra Pradesh fight for tourism service at Nagarjunasagar dam

Boating by tourists in Nagarjunasagar dam triggered a fresh row between TS and AP on Saturday (05-11-2016). AP tourism and forest department officials obstructed boats from TS, alleging that they were operating without permission.
These boats were stopped at Nagarjunakonda, the Buddhist site, which falls under the jurisdiction of AP. They took the boats and staff into their possession. This led to heated exchanges.

Tourists who started at 11 am were stranded in boats till 6.30 pm. AP officials sent back tourists and staff to TS boating points later, while keeping one more TS boat under their possession.

TS has been operating boats from the left bank with jetties built there. This is because of the existing launch station, which has five boating points, went to AP after state bifurcation. Since a majority of tourists to Nagarjunasagar were coming from Hyderabad, TS built its own launch station on its side. This is being opposed by AP, which fears that it will lose revenue.

The revenue from boating amounts to Rs 2 crore annually. TS was losing its share for want of launch stations. TS launch point manager A. Sathyam said they had approvals for boating from the Centre and the irrigation department. Still, AP officials created an unnecessary controversy, he said.

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