Burra Venkatesham

Culinary policy to Promote tourism

Burra Venkatesham
Burra Venkatesham, Tourism Secretary, Telangana.

The newly formed Telangana Government is planning to come up with a ‘culinary policy to promote tourism, through cookery, festivals, and culture, according to Burra Venkatesham, Tourism Secretary, Telangana.

“Telangana will be the first state in the country to announce a culinary policy. The policy has been sent to the Chief Minister for approval and may be announced in November,”

“The policy will seek to promote Telangana through its culinary, arts, festivals and culture. We are also working on to encourage the private sector in setting up of exclusive Telangana restaurants,” he said.

Karampodi, a restaurant seeking to revive some of the age-old and forgotten home-made cuisines of Telugus, bagged the Best Restaurant in Telangana Award from the Telangana Tourism Department. The proposed policy contemplates tax incentives for these restaurants for five years. In case of the restaurants outside the state, there will be cash incentives, Mr Venkatesham said.

“We would like to see exclusive Telangana Restaurants come up all over the world,” he said, adding 99 per cent of the population of Telangana are non-vegetarian.

Burra Venkatesham and Pervaram Ramulu, Chairman, Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation, presented the award to Karampodi and launched Kakatiya Special Thali.

Pervaram Ramulu said Bathukamma Festival will seek to promote the State on the lines of what Bal Gangadhar Tilak did for Ganesh Festival. On October 8, ‘Maha Bathukamma Festival’ will be held at Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad, where 10,000 women will participate, Mr Venkatesham said.

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