Dulam Satyanarayana Photos

Dulam Satyanarayana Short film Welcome to Telangana Won Best Tourism Film at Portugal

Dulam Satyanarayana Photos
Dulam Satyanarayana receiving Award at Art & Tur IX International Tourism Film Festival Portugal.
Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/satyanarayana.dulam

Dulam Satyanarayana, an award-winning documentary filmmaker from India, has recently made a documentary on Telangana Tourism, which is titled as “Welcome to Telangana”. Now, Satyanarayana’s short film Welcome to Telangana awarded Best Tourism Film at Portugal “International Tourism Film Festival 2016”

Dulam Satyanarayana was born and raised in Mancherial, Adilabad District, Telangana State. He received the biggest gift of his life in the year 2016, when his film Welcome to Telangana , promoting film locations in the State showed in 3 minutes, the natural splendour that the State had. Invited by ART & AMP, TUR International Film Festival for its competition, the film was awarded the Best Tourism Film at Portugal.

He made about a dozen short films, before being spotted by the powers-that-be in the Telangana government, post June, 2014 and was asked to make short films on the government’s flagship programmes including the green ‘Haritha Haram’ and on Mission Bhageeratha.

Watch Welcome to Telangana Won Best Tourism Film

Directed by Dulam Satyanarayana
Produced by Department of Tourism, Government of Telangana
Directors of Photography : Vinay Mahankali & Praveen Kondaparthi
Additional Cinematography : Sunayana Singh, Aditya Jella, Abraham Suhas
Edited by Vinay Mahankali
Music Director: Pavan Shesha

The filmmaker thanked the Telangana Tourism Dept., for their funding and support and said he was pleasantly surprised with their interest when he approached them with the project.

List of Documentary’s directed by Dulam Satyanarayana

  • At age 23, he embarked into documentary filmmaking with his debut short “Moushuni” about a village lacking electricity until 2001 in Sunderbas that began to use solar power.
  • Later he directed “Dreadful Fate” an expose about groundwater contamination due to fluorosis in the Nalgonda district. His powerful work depicted politicians who claimed to provide citizens with clean drinking water in exchange for votes, but failed to fulfill their promises for four decades. This documentary created an impact by raising funds to provide safe drinking water to twenty-five villages in India.
  • His projects “My Afghanistan”, “I am Satyabhama” and “Balakka – Dancing with Tradition” focused on music, dance and culture.
  • The ‘Beyond Faith’, a documentary on Bonalu festival, celebrated in Telangana, and the cultural awakening around it. The documentary is co-produced by Telangana Tourism and DSN films. TelanganaTalkies.com is the media partner.

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