Mahabubnagar Tourism

Mahabubnagar Tourism Info

Mahabubnagar Tourism
Mahabubnagar Tourism

Before we get started with telangana tourism of mahabubnagar district, let’s have a introduction of it.

Mahabubnagar District

Note: – Mahabubnagar = Mahbubnagar.

  • Mahabubnagar, Which was formerly known as “Rukmammapet” or “Palamoor” is the District Head quarter town.
  • Mahabubnagar is the largest district in Telangana state in terms of area (18432.00 sq. km) covered.
  • The district has population of 40,53,028 as per the 2011 census which accounts for 11.52% of the total population of the State with 15.34% decadal growth.
  • The name was changed to Mahabubnagar in honour of Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, the Nizam of Hyderabad (1869-1911 AD). During the Nizam era, the people of this area used to sell milk, so it was named as “Palamoor”.
  • History: The region was at the core of the Satavahana dynasty from 221 BC to 218 AD, and also a large part of the Chalukya dynasty from the 5th to the 11th century AD. The region was later part of the Kingdom of Golkonda (c. 1364 – 1512 AD), with its capital city Golkonda located near Hyderabad.In 1518 it came under control of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, which reigned until 1687. The region was then a part of Hyderabad State, ruled by the Asaf Jahi dynasty, from 1724 to 1948. Mahbubnagar was most likely an historically Buddhist area, as many historic temples were destroyed by the Asaf Jahi rulers.
  • Short introduction of Mahabubnagar district completed, now it’s time for Mahabubnagar Tourism.

Mahabubnagar Tourism Information

Temples at Mahabubnagar District

  • Sri Sri Sri Jogulaamba temple – Alampur.
  • Raghavendra Swamy temple in Manthralayam.
  • Sri Ranganayakaswamy temple – Srirangapur.
  • Sri RamaLingeshwara Swamy Temple – Kandoor.
  • Sri Laxmi Venkateshwara Swamy Temple – Manyamkonda.
  • Sri Lalitha Someswara Swamy temple – Somasila.
  • Umamaheswaram Lord Shiva temple – Rangapur, Achampet.
  • Venkateswara Swami temple – Manyamkonda.
  • Lord Shiva Temple in Nallamala Forest – Saleshwaram.
  • Manyamkonda Venkateshwara Temple – Palamoor Tirupathi
  • Madhava Swamy temple – Kollapur.
  • Madhana gopala swamy Temple – Kollapur.
  • Someswara Swamy temple
  • Agasthyesvara Swamy temple and Madana Gopala Swamy temple- Jetprolu
  • Shivalingams – Somasila.
  • Chennakeshwaralayam – Gadwal.
  • Anjaneya Swamy Temple – Bechupally.
  • Loddi Mallaiah Temple.
  • Maisigandi Maisamma Temple – Maisigandi.
  • Sri Kurumurthy Swamy Temple jatara – Ammapur village.
  • Kudali Temple.
  • Lord Shiva – Bekkam.
  • Sri Sadguru Avadhuth Narasimha Swami Math – Narayanpet.
  • Hindu Temple and Inscriptions in Lingala village.
  • Sri Bheemeswara Swamy Temple – Endabetla.
  • Jain Temple Alvanpalli.
  • Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple – Makthal.
  • Kumbeswara Swamy Temple Makthal.
  • Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple – Gangapur.
  • Laxmi Narasimhaswamy Singotam Temple or Singapatnam.

Forts and Monuments

  • Gadwal Fort or Vidvadgadwala.
  • Pillalamarri Archaelogical Musuem.
  • Kollapur Samasthan
  • Koilkonda fort
  • Chandraghad fort.
  • Pangal Fort.
  • khilla ghanpur fort
  • Wanaparthi Palace.
  • Nizamkonda Fort – situated Middle of Timmapur.
  • erstwhile King’s Palace – Wanaparthy.
  • Muslim Fort and Shah Ali’s Dargah.
  • Cairns (Locally known as Rakasi Gullu) at Badepalli Village.
  • Jami Masjid at Badepalli Village.
  • Idgah of Hazrat Syed Abdul Rahman Chisti (Associated with the name of local saint).
  • Jamia Masjid of Md. Bin Humayun Shah.
  • Jami Masjid (Old Mosque Muslim period) – Wanaparthy.
  • Gudem Muka Gudulu (Belonging to rulers of Vishunkundin Dynasty) – Bekkam.
  • Dolmens – Megalithic burials.
Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks
  • Pillalamrri – Banyan tree.
  • Manyamkonda and ‘Manikonda’.
  • Tiger Forest – Farahabad.
  • Farahabad hill station.
Dams, Rivers and Lakes:
  • Koilsagar Dam.
  • Jurala Dam or Jurala Project or Priyadarshini Project.
  • Mallelatheertham (Water Falls) – Nallamala forest.
  • Rajolibanda Dam.
  • Ratna Pushkarini lake.

Boat Services:

Hotels and Resorts


  • Avanthi Hotel – Rajendra Nagar, Mahbubnagar, Telangana 509001.
  • Geetha Hotel – Rajendra Nagar, Mahbubnagar, Telangana 509001.
  • The Grand Sindhu – Kidwaipet, Mahbubnagar, Telangana 509001
  • Ganesh Lodge –