Mitte Waterfalls Adilabad

Mitte Waterfalls Adilabad Ecotourism

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Waterfall’s one of the best tourist attraction in India. Now in Telangana, the seasonal Mitte Waterfalls in the district making the forests look greener. About 350 km away from the Hyderabad, Sapthala Gundam Mitte Waterfalls in Sirpur Mandal, Adilabad district, has the potential of an international tourist spot.

Mitte Waterfalls Adilabad District

The Sapthala Gundam Mitte waterfalls or seven waterfalls are located on a local stream in Sirpur (U) Mandal in the agency tracts of Adilabad, a part of Telangana Tourism. This area is also famous for the dense Mangi forests where deforestation has taken place on a comparatively lesser scale. These Waterfalls have enough potential to be developed as ecotourism spots in Telangana.

Adilabad district has a number of waterfalls and caves if explored, will tap the huge potential in the Tourism segment of the rural Telangana.

Mitte Waterfalls Adilabad Images:

Mitte Waterfalls Adilabad
Mitte Waterfalls Adilabad images

Visiting Months: September to February is the best time to visit this sport as the hillock resembles Kashmir.

How To Reach:

Distance: From Pittaguda village in Adilabad it is a 2km hike.

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