Pakhal Lake And Wildlife Sanctuary Review

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Hello, welcome to a man-made lake. Yes, you may be stunned by reading Pakhal lake is a man-made lake located and branded as best trips to Warangal tourism. It is a reservoir. A complete travel guide of the lake is below.

History of Pakhal Lake: Review

Why is it called as One of the man-made lakes?

As of history of Warangal or Orugallu, in 13th century AD, the area was ruled by the great kakatiya’s. It’s confirmed that the lake has been constructed around 1213 A.D, by the Kakatiyan Ruler, named Ganapathidev (Who is the father of kakatiya queen Rani Rudrama Devi). It was spread over an area of 30 km2, the pakhal lake provides a beautiful site as a part of the best lake view in Warangal district tourism. One of the best of it is, on the shores of this lake. We can find the Pakhal WildLife Sanctuary with an area rounded off 839 km2, which is the best viewing area ever. Not only Pakhal, Ganapathi Deva also constructed lakes like Ramappa lake (Located at Palampet), Luknavaram lake and etc….,

Pakhal Lake Warangal
Pakhal Lake, Narsampet Tourism, Warangal District.Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary information:

The word Wildlife noticed here more attractively like universal Birds, Tiger’s, Crocodile’s, leopard, panther, and sambhar. A large number of migratory birds arrive in winter at the lake, making it the best season to visit the sanctuary. Nothing but relax. Sit back, relax and watch the birds around, try to figure out what animal sound you are hearing and which direction the wind is flowing and water is getting a Push. The wildlife park’s natural scenic beauty and its breathtaking landscape are extremely captivating. A visit to this promising spot would never disappoint you. The months of November to June are the best to visit this place.


Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary
Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary Source:

Recently on 27th of January 2016, a photography of Large crocodile has been captured. Here you can view the Pakhal lake images along with crocodile.

Pakhal Lake Crocodile
Pakhal Lake Crocodile

Toddy Local Drink:

Here you can find a special type of white water also called as Giraka Thalla Kallu. It is the most favorite drink of Telangana people, since past decades.
Pakhal lake accommodation:
How To Reach:

From Warangal:

The lake, which is the part Telangana tourism is located at about 54 km east of Warangal and it is well connected by road passing through the east while taluk headquarters of Narsampet which about 12 km away.
Via Buses: Pakhal is 54 km from Warangal District, but you can travel by bus to Narsampet. The bus service is frequent until 8 Pm. The service is provided by TSRTC.

In the season, special tourism packages will be announced.

Via Trains:

Via AIR:

From Narsampet:
After Narsampet town, a number of three wheelers auto’s are available. It’s just 10 km’s away from town.

From Hyderabad:

From Karimnagar:

Hotel’s and Resorts:

This is the biggest drawback to visitors. At current, we don’t have any lodging facilities to stay here.
But the good news it that, you can reach Hanamkonda City, which is just 40 -45 Kms from Pakhal Lake. Here we can find many top rated Private hotels.
After reaching Hanamkonda, a hotel named Haritha is located at Nakkalgutha area, which is the govt aided hotel’s especially for tourist visitors of Telangana.

Warangal Tourism info

Warangal Tourism information

Warangal Tourism
Warangal Tourism

Welcome, today we are discussing regarding Warangal tourist places, where you can find unbeliever historical construction in the state. It is a part of telanganatourism.

Intro about Warangal District

  • Warangal previously known as Orugallu Nagaram and Ekasila Nagaram, it is the one of the finest city with the district headquarters of Warangal district located in 148 kilometers (92 mi) northeast of TelanganaStateCapital Hyderabad (We already presented detailed regarding information on HyderabadTourism).
  • The name Warangal indicates Tri-cities other are Hanamkonda and kazipet.
  • In 2014 Govt of India proposed best HRIDAY – Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana.

Warangal city is the second fastest growing city after hyderabad city.

Warangal Tourism Details

  • Warangal, once the capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom.
  • WGL TOURISM Most famous for  Warangal’s History, with beautiful lakes, fine temples, rich fauna & flora have contributed to its importance as a Tourist Centre.
  • It has beautiful Lakes, Forts, Architectural Monuments, Wild Life Sanctuary, Musical Garden, Rock Garden, Vana Vigyan Kendra, Regional Science Centre.

Warangal Tourism places and attractions

We discuss the complete best tourist places in Warangal Urban & Rural District, which makes every visitor miracle.

Temples in Warangal district
  • In wgl temples were mostly constructed in the 11th and 12th century.
  • Bhadrakali Temple or Sri Bhadrakali Devasthanam
  • Thousand Pillars Temple or Sri Rudreswara Swamy temple
  • Padmakshi Amma Temple
  • Ramappa Temple
  • Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanam, Komuravelli
  • Mallikarjuna Swamy, (Inavolu, Ailoni)
  • Sammakka and Saralamma Jathara, also called as medaram.
  • Veerabhadra Swamy, kuravi.
  • Swayambhu temple, Fort Warangal.
  • Someshwara Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple (Palakurthy)
  • Ramachandra Swamy temple
  • Ganapeswara Swamy temple (Kotagullu – Station Ghanapuram)
  • Ghanpur Group of Temples
  • Trikuta Temple (Nidigonda Village)
  • Trikuta Temple (Kondaparthy Village)
  • Siva Temple – Jakaram village.
  • Panchakuta temple – Ramanujapur village
  • Reddygudi temple – Ghanpur village
  • Angadiveerannagudi (Jain temple) – Bairanpalli village
  • Siva Temple – Gudur
  • Lord Siva Temple – Katrapalli
  • Narasimha Swamy temple – Bussapur village
  • Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Temple – Kothur village
  • Ekavira Temple – Mogilicherla village
  • Two Trikuta Temples – Katakshapur village
  • Kolanupaka
  • Mettu Gutta
  • Ayyappaswami Temple
  • Govindarajula Gutta
Architectural Kakatiya Monuments
  • Warangal Fort or Khila Warangal.
  • Shitab Khan Palace.
  • Shambhunigudi (Fort Warangal)
  • Stone Circles (Alipur, Hnk)
  • Cairns (HunterRoad)
  • Inscriptions – Urusgutta
  • Survay Paparayudu Fort – Quilashapur village
  • Fort & Gadi (Thatikonda village)
  • Fort (Fortification bastions & Gateways) Zaffargadh village
  • Fort ( built by Zafaruddaula) Wardannapet
  • Stone Circles Sidapur
  • Khush Mahal
  • Pandavulagutta /pandavula guhalu
  • Dolmon burials at Tadwai forest. (Found after research in Oct 2015)
Warangal Districts Lakes and Rivers, Waterfalls
  • Pakhal Lake
  • Laknavaram Lake (With Boating)
  • Muner River
  • Ramappa lake
  • Dharmasagar River
  • Waddepalli Lake
  • katakshapur river
  • Bheemuni Paadam
Forest Areas
  • Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary
  • Kamalapur
  • Khammama

prataparudra planetarium

Gardens and parks
Resorts and Hotels

Govt Hotel cum Residency by team tourism:

A special hotel for tourist constructed by TSTOURISM department named as HarithaHaram located at Nakkalagutta.

  1. Haritha Hotel Hanamkonda
  2. Haritha Hotel Laknavaram
  3. Haritha Hotel Ramappa

Private Hotels:

  • Ashoka (Near Hnk Chowrastha)
  • Ruchi
  • Ratna
  • Suprabha