Public Garden White Building Photos

Public Garden, Park at Hanamkonda, Warangal

Hanamkonda Parks & Gardens: Hello, the best and beautiful park of Warangal city is Public Garden located at Hanamkonda, Telangana. The Public Garden is a historic park located in the heart of the city of Hanamkonda, Warangal urban district, India.

Public gardens, one of the finest gardens in Hanamkonda, are one of the prominent tourist attractions with its elegant buildings and beautiful gardens, Which is the part of Warangal tourism.

Public Gardens also are known as Bagh-e-Aam or Bagham. In Urdu “Bagh” means Garden and Aam or Aam Jana means the public. Earlier during the Nizam regime, it was called as “Bagham”. Later it called as Public Garden.

This park consists of a building still stand intact with unique architecture amidst thick greenery and age-old trees.

History of Public Garden Building at Hanamkonda:

Among the great legacies left behind by the erstwhile Nizam, rulers include beautiful buildings and sprawling public gardens.

According to plaque, the building was completed during the regime of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, in 1886. Who built several structures including the marvelous town hall “Collectorate building” in the sprawling public gardens in the heart of Hanamkonda town. It was then known as Mahaboob Bagh.

Public Garden White Building Photos
Public Garden White Building, Photos

Nerella Venu Madhav Auditorium at Hanamkonda:

An auditorium has been constructed by the government at Hanamkonda Public gardens and was named it in his Honour as Padmasri Dr. Nerella Venu Madhav Kalaa Pranganam.

Nerella Venu Madhav, popularly known as NV, is a famous mimic from India. He rose to popularity imitating celebrities, politicians, local dialects, Nizams et cetera. He started a diploma course at Telugu University, a first in the world. He is often regarded as the father of Indian Mimicry. He is also hailed as the pioneer and maestro of mimicry in India.

Padma Sri. Nerella Venu Madhav Kalaa Pranganam at Hanamkonda
Nerella Venu Madhav Kalaa Pranganam Photos.

Public Garden, Park at Hanamkonda Gallery:

The major highlight of the gardens is that it incorporates plenty of prominent buildings in its premises. It is one of the most frequently visited gardens in the city and is famous for beautiful landscapes, lawns, pathways, Walkers’ Track, Mini Library, Chess Game, etc..,

It must have been very important public Gardens earlier but with coming of other attractions this gets lesser importance. Still quite beautiful but may be fewer resources. Nice place for people to come for evening and morning walks.

School Picnic spot:

A prominent spot for school picnics, the Public Gardens also houses an auditorium, Children find this place exciting as there are a playing Pieces of equipment like metal swing, Circular swing, Playground slide, Seesaw, Multiplay System, FRP playground slides, Jungle Gym.

Circular swing at Public Garden Hanamkonda
Circular swing at Public Garden Hanamkonda
Play ground Slider at Hanamkonda, Public Gardens
Playground Slider
Seesaw, Multiplay System at Public Garden Hanamkonda
Seesaw, Multiplay System

Public Gardens is a must visit destination for the tourists to Hanamkonda. Come and explore the beauty and the magic of these gardens!

Address (Entry Ticket Fee, Timings):

Entry Fee: Free, Timings: 5 AM to 9 PM. Open on all day of the week, you can visit.
Address: Sai Nagar, In front of Police Head Quarters, Hanamkonda, Warangal urban district, India.

Public Park is sure to captivate you with its natural beauty. Its lush greenery and it’s refreshing environment are sure to rejuvenate you. People can come and relax amid the refreshing quietness of the park.

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