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Nature Lover’s Die For It: Somasila to Srisailam Boat Trip

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Hello, Today we are here with a new travel spot of Telangana tourism. which was initiated in January 2016? It’s nothing but Somasila to Srisailam boat trip. Yes, if you are new to Telangana state, then it’s for you to visit Somasila boat service. Here we go with complete details of Somasila boat trip, which is the part of Mahbubnagar tourism. If you are looking for best summer travelling spot in Telangana, then damn sure it is for you.

Somasila to Srisailam Boat Trip

Where it is located: Mahabubnagar town is located at a distance of 96 km from Hyderabad city. Formerly called Rukmammapeta and Palamooru. The boating services at Somasila, in the backwaters of the River Krishna. One more interesting is that once-in-12-years a maha Kumbh Mela called Krishna Pushakarams begins here which starts in the month of August.

New boats are coming up, and under this plan, it has been decided under all considerations that Somasila in Mahabubnagar is the unit where big boats can be operated. This is because Somasila, a tranquil region gets Srisailam Reservoir in seasons of the year. At present a new 80-seater, twin engine boat facilitated by Telangana tourism department.

The boating service starts at Somasila temple to Srisailam temple. The journey would be of 6 hours with beautiful Ecotourism of Telangana.

Somasila Boats
Somasila Boats: Boating facility at Somasila on Krishna river in Kollapur constituency of Mahabubnagar district

Timings: Starts from morning 7:15 AM.

Fare Charges: In weekends, the Tourism Corporation is offering Rs 2,800 per head package to tourists. The fee could include breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation. Those who want to travel by launch from Somasila are required to pay an additional Rs 600 per head.

How to Reach:

(Route Map): Via Bus, AIR, Train

Hyderabad: Visitors need to reach Kollapur. Kollapur is located 180 km southwest of Hyderabad.





  • Present Accommodation is available at Jetprole. Jetprole is at a distance of 15 km from Kolhapur. Two hotel properties, with two rooms (one air-conditioned) and a 40-seater restaurant attached at Jetprole.

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