4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

For the convenience of the visiting pilgrims of Krishna Pushakaram, 4G Labs launched Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 mobile app. Which provides information about location and directions to ghats, helpline, parking spaces, banks, ATMs, bus stops, hospitals and among others. The 4Glabs owned by the team of girls, they work together to create special products and services to benefits the citizens of India. The representatives of 4G Labs were Revathi Geddam, Prathyusha Palangthodkar, Chaitanya Velpula and Shashikala Kotankari.

4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

Through this app, you can get latest updates about the event across three states. The 4GLabs team said, We have developed several android applications aimed at benefiting the larger section of the society.

Highlights of Application:

* Pushkara Mantra/Pooja/History information
* Ghat locations integrated with Google Maps
* Emergency contacts (police, hospitals etc.,)
* Nearby ATMs, Hospitals, police stations, restaurants etc.,
* News about the event through notifications
* Only mobile app covering information about all the 3 states viz., Telangana, Andhra and Karnataka

Users can download from the Google play store after typing ‘4GLabs Krishna Pushkaralu 2016’. It is very useful to the visiting pilgrims of Krishna Pushakaralu from two Telugu states.

Conclusion: We congratulate the team of girls who made such a useful & light weighted application among other application in the market. We wish the team much success and all the best for the future.

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TDP Krishnamma App 2016 for Krishna Pushkaralu in AP & TS

The TDP Principal general secretary Nara Lokesh Launched ‘Krishnamma App 2016’ For Krishna Pushkar will be beginning from 12th of August. It was launched at AP State Party Office in Guntur – a unique initiative was undertaken by the TDP party that will offer information and address all the needs of pilgrims from both Telugu speaking states who wish to take the holy dip during the Krishna Pushkaralu. The APSRTC plans for special buses. (Recommended article: Mahabubnagar krisP Application & Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App)

TDP Krishnamma App 2016 for Krishna Pushkaralu

This App is developed keeping every pilgrim need in the mind. It has all the information needed to start and end your trip to take holy bath and perform rituals at your chosen location. It has information regarding 40 amenities like Free Food, Dress Change Rooms, Free Water, ATM’s , Fuel Stations, Restaurants and so on.

It has a feature to get Pundit / Purohit details to perform rituals at the ghats. A one-stop solution to all your needs to finish your holy bath from the moment you step out from home till you reach home. (Check: Telangana Tourism & TSTDC Krishna Pushkaralu Packages)

Highlights of Krishnamma App

  1. Rich and easy to use interface.
  2. Small in size, quick and responsive interface works offline.
  3. Location based services.
  4. Park and locate the vehicle.
  5. Purohit service at Ghat level.
  6. Public amenities like ATMs, health Centre, bus stand, free water, food, toilets and 30 amenities based on the availability at that location.
  7. Share the location from the app itself.
  8. Location based temples, tourists places, and events information.
  9. Missing person’s details shared through push notifications.
  10. This single app can cater the needs of two Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • Download installation from Google Play store Here

Conclusion: It’s a great application for android users by TDPPARTY. The Krishnamma App 2016 is for both Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Krishna Pushkaralu. For Suggestion please mail to srinivas.m@sathyasoft.com.

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Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

As the Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 to start from August 12th. The AP & TS govt initiated special Krishna pushkaralu mobile application for citizens in Telangana. The police from Nalgonda district launched a useful app for the Telangana devotees who will reach pushkaralu in Nalgonda. The officer’s named the application as “Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App” which is very important for devotees taking part in the event from across the state in the district. The app, available on Android and iOS, will have details of the Pushkar ghats across the district and provides route maps. (Recommended article: Mahabubnagar Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App Download.)

The Krishna Pushkaram app has been launched jointly by Hon’ble Ministers Sri G.Jagadeesh Reddy and Sri Indrakaran Reddy on 01-08-2016 at a District Collectorate., during a review of the Pushkar works.

The app has information on parking places, ATMs, hospitals, petrol bunks, police stations and hotels located nearby. It also provides data on precautionary measures for pilgrims, Nalgonda superintendent of police N. Prakash Reddy said.

Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 App

A Mobile App. titled as “Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016” has been designed by the Nalgonda District Police to facilitate the pilgrims who intend to visit the Pushkar ghats of Nalgonda district. (Recommended article: TSTDC special Krishna puskaram packages 2016.)

The notification alert feature provides updates on traffic jams and rushes at the ghats, It will also have information on nearby temples and tourist places.

Details of app is as follows:

1) The title of the Mobile app. is “Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016”

2) This App. can be downloaded in any smartphone have features of “Android & iOS version”

3) The users of Android mobile phone can go to ‘Play Store’ and type “Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016”.

4) Similarly, the iOS (apple) mobile users can go to “App Store” and type “Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016”.

5) After acceptance of the application, it should be installed in the mobile phone.

6) The first page contains logos of Krishna Pushkaralu, Telangana State emblem, and Police logos.

7) The second page contains the images of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana, Hon’ble Ministers, District Collector & Supdt. of Police, Nalgonda.

8) The third page contains names of six location (Nalgonda, Wadapally, Mattapally, Nagarjuna Sagar, Mellacheruvu, and Devarakonda) and also the headers such as Emergency Contacts, Missing persons, Tourist Places, Precautions, Live weather report and Notifications. Besides all these a scrolling of latest update on Pushkar runs continuously.

9) The users can click on the name of the place they want to proceed.

10) Then they can choose the type of spot they would like to go from the menu and then tap on the desired navigational icon to move towards it.

11) The menu contains Ghats, Temples, Parking Places, ATMs, Hospitals, Petrol Bunks, Police Stations, Hotels, Tourist Places, Precautionary Measures to be taken, Govt. Offices etc.

12) Location wise all emergency contact numbers were incorporated in the Emergency Contacts folder.

13) All the details of missing persons and traced persons will be uploaded time to time in the missing persons.

14) The details of important tourism places with navigations have been incorporated in the App.

15) The situation of ghats, traffic etc will be notified in “Notification Alert” time to time to give the live update to all.

16) Another beauty of the app is live weather situation of six Pushkar locations. One can know the live weather condition of a particular location.

17) All the parking locations are notified in the app duly giving navigation to each place.

18) Presently, Android version has been released and the iOS version will be launched shortly.

19) Moreover, a separate website has been designed www.nalgondakrishnapushkaralu2016.com

  • Download Installation file from googlePlay store Here

Video: Installation of Krishna Pushkaralu App Manual Telugu

Conclusion: The District police’s of Nalgonda Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Application is much useful to the devotee’s who visit Nalgonda ghats.