Telangana bird Palapitta

Telangana State Bird Palapitta Sales

Telangana State bird name

English : Indian Roller

Hindi: Neelkanth  (Neelkanth, the name which means Blue Throat in English is associated with the name of Lord Shiva) According to mythology, this Pala Pitta is sacred to Lord Vishnu.

Telugu: Palapitta

Telangana bird Palapitta
Telangana bird Palapitta

Telangana State Bird Palapitta Sales

The Official state bird of TS announced by the Government after telangana formed, now it’s very embarrassing moment rolled out in telangana.

The sales of state bird Neelkanth initiate makes shame to telangana tourism.

Yes, palapitta is being sold for as little as `50, with poachers and traders exploiting the belief that sighting the bird is a lucky omen during Dasara.

The birds are captured a month before the festival, their legs tied, wings trimmed and stuck with glue to prevent them from flying.

Wildlife Act 1975 for hunting

It’s Palapitta ( ENG: Indian Roller or Blue Jay) or Coracias Benghalensis, is protected under Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 which makes its capture, hunting and trade illegal.

Humane Society of State
  • Ms Navamita Mukherjee of Humane Society International said, “The birds are usually starved till Dasara (Telangana State Festival) and kept in small cages for public viewing.
  • Most of these cute birds die in captivity or immediately after being released.
  • During Dasara festival in telangana, many devotees pay to buy these birds from local markets and release them as a good deed which they believe will absolve them of their sins.”

Following complaints, the department of animal husbandry has asked the police, foresters and the State Animal Welfare Board to prevent the illegal capture and trade of Palapittas.

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