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Telangana Tourism Official Video Promo

After the new state formed, as the 29th state of incredible India. Now the Telangana’s government is fully reorganizing and developing Telangana tourism heritage in a better way.

In September 2015, after world tourism day celebrations in Telangana, the team of tstourism released official video to promote tourism in telangana state.

Under lines of Welcome to Telangana, which is the official tourism film from the Department of Tourism, Telangana State.

The Main technician of making telangana tourism official video promo in 1080p were listed below.

It was directed by Dulam Satyanarayana, and the promotional video was shot by Vinay Mahankali & Praveen Kondaparti.

Watch Telangana Tourism Official Video Promo HD

The video was copyrighted to www.telanganatourism.gov.in reproduction of video is strictly prohibited. Downloading videos for mobiles is prevented.

In this official video, it showed just introduction of Telangana tourism and some best places as follows:

  • Glorious Legacy of Dynasties,
  • Rich Confluence of Cultures,
  • Plethora’s of Pristine Natural Beauty,
  • Speed Boating Rides,
  • Serene Lakes,
  • Cascading Waterfalls,
  • Wild Life Adventures,
  • Historical Rocky Terrain,
  • Ancient Rock Art Paintings,
  • Marvelous Architecture,
  • Magnificent Palaces,
  • Grandeur Forts,
  • Spectacular Sunsets,
  • Unique Festivals,
  • Tribal Art Forms,
  • Fine Craftsmanship,
  • Waves of Handlooms.

At final what is Telangana tourism in a simple line is

Every Place Has A Story For You

Every Moment Is An Experience For You.

Guys telanganatourisminfo promise all, just visit telanganastate and look the beauty of it as tourism.

Special thanks to telangana govt….

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