What is Krishna Pushkaralu

Krishna Pushkaralu

Fete Krishna Pushkaralu marks the time during which water from the 12 holy rivers is divinely mixed with River Krishna. Among the several hundreds of rivers flowing throughout the length and breadth of our country, River Krishna holds a prominent place in our hearts and minds.

What is Krishna Pushkaralu?

Krishna Pushkaram is a festival of River Krishna. Yes, it’s the festival in India. This Pushkaralu happens due to the time of entry of Jupiter into Virgo (Kanya Rasi). which normally occurs once in 12 years. The Krishna River is the fourth biggest river in India which is approximately 1300 kms in length. Most of the Krishna River is connected with Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh & also in Telangana State. The river is the lifeline for states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The origins of River Krishna have been traced to the hills and plateaus of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. The Panchganga Temple is the site of the origin where the river drops out of a “Gaumukh” or a Cow’s mouth.

Who is Pushkara?

As per scriptures, it is said that Pushkara is the son of Lord Varuna, the presiding deity of all the rivers. The legend has it that, once Pushkara prayed Lord Brahma and asked Him for a boon to live in the sacred waters (emanated from the foot of Primordial Lord Sri Maha Vishnu) of His Kamandalam with the intention of providing purity to all the Theerthas (Rivers). Looking at the selfless desire expressed by Pushkara, Lord Brahma granted him the boon to live in the waters of His Kamandalam. Later, Pushkara also performed penance and acquired the Jala Tattva Siddhi from Lord Shiva as a boon. By virtue of the boons acquired from Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, Pushkara became the King of all Theerthas and was regarded as the Theerthapalaka.

Story behind Krishna Pushkaralu

As per the story, a Brahmin in a village performed severe penance dedicated to Lord Shiva. He was granted a boon by the Lord that he will have the power to purify the holy rivers. As a result of this power, his name eventually became Pushkar meaning “the one who nourishes and purifies”. The God of Planets and Guru, Brihaspati requested Pushkar to purify the 12 holy rivers when he travels from one zodiac sign to another every year.

As per the beliefs, the first 12 days when the Jupiter (Brihaspati) enters the zodiac sign Virgo (Kanya Rasi) is celebrated as the Krishna Pushkaralu. It is believed that on the first 12 days and the last 12 days of Jupiter in any zodiac sign, Pushkar travels with Brihaspati and purifies the holy rivers.

The first twelve days are known as Adi Pushkaram, and the last twelve days are called Anthya Pushkaram.

What people do:

  • Million’s of people around the world reach the Pushkar ghats and take a holy dip in the Krishna river. Generally, the banks that come across the Krishna River are called as Pushkaralu Ghats.
  • Pindapradanam – This is a unique ritual in which the devotee offers Pindas (leaf with offerings to the departed souls is set afloat in water) to ancestors who were deceased. It is done with the belief that their souls will be set free and attain salvation.
  • Mahasankalpam – The Pooja is performed by priests on the banks of River Krishna for removing one’s bad karma and sins.
  • Laghusankalpam – This ritual involves taking a holy dip in the River during Krishna Pushkaralu by uttering the names and gotras to appease God and fulfill your wishes in this life.
  • Sariganga Snanam – This ritual is performed for a better family life, especially better relations with children and spouse.
  • Prayaschittam – This ritual means that men and women accept their mistakes and misdeeds to God and seek forgiveness.
  • Gauri Pooja – Kumkum Archana and Gouri Pooja are performed to appease Goddess Gouri (Goddess Parvati) and seek her blessings during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Ganga Pooja – It is believed that during the Krishna Pushkaralu period, water from the 12 holy rivers is divinely mixed with River Krishna. The Ganga Pooja is performed to seek the blessings of all the Rivers at once.
  • Musivayanam – It is a tradition in which a married woman is respected and treated with gifts. These gifts can also be offered to the husband when the wife dies. It is believed that by doing this Pooja, the wife’s soul can attain salvation.

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